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Death Valley & Route 66 4 days experience

Tour Profile

Duration: 4 days Distance to drive: approx 777 miles/1250 km Level of difficulty:

For a minimum of 2 persons we will do this tour with you

Join us on an unforgettable vour days tour on the saddle of one of the legendary Harley Davidson® motorcycles around Las Vegas.

We have put together a great package for you, so you can enjoy the tour with confidence.

One night in a famous Death Valley and two days on the historic route 66. Biker's heart what more could you want? Are you listening to your heartbeat now?

With like-minded motorcyclists you'll get to know the contrasts of the country: explore the natural wonders and get an insight into the history of this desert region.

The contrasts of western romance and the glittering world of Las Vegas alternate. You are in the middle of it! You will be amazed by the magnificent and seemingly endless landscapes.

The impressions that you win on this tour will never get out of your mind. 

It doesn't really matter whether you come as a single or as a couple want to take part in a dream - it remains an unforgettable dream. 

This is a promise!

If you wish to extend your stay or have other wishes, please don´t hesitate to contact us. 

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