Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of license do I need?

Answer: The required license to rent a motorcycle in America is the A. The A2 is also accepted, but must be specified at time of booking. Trike class 3 or B. for a few rental locations, an A license is also required for a trike rental. The former GDR driving license, the old gray FRG one, as well as a provisional driving license are no longer accepted. We will be happy to answer any other questions on this matter.

If I extend the trip, may I also extend the booking for the motorcycle, a rental car, or additional accommodation?
Answer: Of course. We are just as flexible as you. Our team, which consists solely of travel agents, will gladly provide you with assistance and advice for such solutions.

Do I need a trip cancellation protection?
Answer: We strongly recommend it. This can be added with us up to two weeks after booking. It is extremely annoying, when a dream trip falls apart due to illness or other serious reasons, and then you also have to shell out for high cancellation fees. In our portfolio we offer various types of travel insurance. We will be glad to make you an offer.

What other insurance is important?
Answer: Please definitely think about your foreign sickness protection (extremely important). Again, there are a variety of packages for this. Especially pay attention to the clause with patient repatriation costs.

How high are the costs for food and beverages on the multiple days tours?
Answer: It is hard for us to make a general statement about that, since demands are very different. Generally one can say: breakfast, for those whom the scanty continental breakfast isn't enough, is about $ 6-7, which, apart from a small snack, will get one through the day. Dinner about 10-30 USD, however, in individual cases it may be either more or less, depending on the selection. Soft drinks are generally cheap, sometimes even free. Our guides know where the food is worth the money and especially where the best food is.

How much cash should I bring?
Answer: Except for tips, a drink in the saloon, or a snack at the gas station you hardly need any cash. Large bills (and that starts with 50) will hardly be used, so ask for at most 20s at the bank. Most important is a credit card, preferably a MasterCard or Visa, which are accepted everywhere, and a credit card is required for the security deposit on the motorcycle. USD-travelers checks work just as well, and are treated as cash. EUR-travelers checks can be difficult to redeem. Our tip: You can find cash machines (ATMs) almost everywhere, where you can also use your bank card with Maestro or Cirrus signs to get cash. According to current information, this service will soon be abolished.

Does my cell phone work in the US and how much are the fees?
Answer: If you have a tri-band mobile phone, so you can use it in the US, if your plan allows it. However, roaming charges are still very high, the phone should only be used for emergencies. We recommend that you take a Simly contract. Alternatively, you can buy cheap telephone cards in the US, which work on all phones, even in the hotel room. Your tour guide will be happy to assist. On our website you will find all the information on both providers.

What motorcycle clothing is recommended?
Answer: The important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe in your clothes. We do not question your motorcycle wardrobe and taste. Typically, you need less than in our latitudes. However, sometimes we drive up to 12,000ft (3,600m) high and even in midsummer it can be colder up there. Because it is much lighter than leather and universal (works in any weather), garments made of Goretex-like material often work best. A helmet is highly recommended. The rental helmets do not always make a safe impression, and if you realize after three days that the helmet does not fit, then the dream stage can become a pain. Everyone must answer the question of half/three quarter/full face helmet themselves, this is again safety versus style. These helmets comply 100% with insurance conditions in the US. You can read a little more on this subject further down in the this text.

Is there a support vehicle on every tour?
Answer: A support vehicle travels with all guided tours. The support van transports your tour baggage, drinks, and every now and then tired passengers. And in the evening when we go to a restaurant or the saloon, so you can drink a beer without feeling guilty. Subject to availability.

May tired passengers ride in the support vehicle?
Answer:Yes, of course.

How long are the daily stages?
Answer: The daily stages are on average 250-400 kilometers long. That sounds like a lot, but it can not be compared with the same route in Europe, considering that often traveling 80 kilometers without a cross road and a whole day without traffic lights is on the agenda. Also there are hardly any traffic jams. We are seldom seated more than five hours throughout the day in the saddle. We reach our destination every day depending on the season season between 4 and 6 o'clock PM. However, it may be a little bit later if you want to fully enjoy a picture book sunset.

Do we have time for sightseeing, taking pictures, for a little detour, or simply just for relaxing?
Answer: Of course - you are on vacation and not in the rat race. You should enjoy the whole thing. We have designed the programs in such a way that both riding pleasure and experience are available in sufficient quantity.

Can everyone ride a Harley Davidson®?
Answer: If you can ride a motorcycle, then you can ride a Harley. Despite the heavy weight they are extremely easy to handle once rolling due to the low center of gravity. So far everyone has gotten used to it in no time. It's really difficult to give up the Harleys. After the tour some of our guests have "grown" a Harley.

How high are the demands on the rider?
Answer: First, you must be in possession of an open class A motorcycle driving license. As of 2013 there is also the possibility to ride with the A2 driving license, if this was specified at the time of booking and we have approved it by the renter. Second, you need to know yourself whether you can handle such a tour or not. The tours are generally not difficult, but is only conditionally recommended for complete beginners or "returners", who return to the saddle of a motorcycle for the first time after a 35 year break. There should be some routine in riding to enjoy the tour. Our tip: if there is a lack of driving experience, sign up at a driving school you trust and take a private safety trip. You will be amazed how cheap it is and how much it provides. If you have several thousand kilometers of riding experience, then this is certainly sufficient. Our tours have different levels of difficulty. Pay attention to the tour description.

Why does it say "non-binding motorcycle choice" on the travel confirmation?
Answer: The bike is not a service provided directly by us, but from our service providers Eaglerider® or Harley Davidson. We book your bike, usually from our pre-booked allotment, immediately upon receipt of your booking and get the confirmation according to your wishes. We have been working very reliably with our partners for many years. But there is one factor for which there can be no guarantee: that is the previous rider of your bike. Normally, the motorcycles come back on time and in the same condition (apart from the dust). Then they are cleaned, checked, serviced, and then go out to the next rider and there are no complaints. But if the bike comes with damage that cannot be immediately repaired, or too late, or not at all, that is the reason for the "non-binding" on the confirmation. We can unfortunately never guarantee 100% of this case. In this case, the renter must be have access to an alternative so that you can hit the road on time. Of course, the alternative is also a model of the booked class/category or better.

How big are the groups?
Answer: Safety, quality, and riding pleasure are our top priorities. We can ensure this only if the group size is manageable. We'll ride, if desired, with 2 motorcycles. As a rule, depending on the tour, there are 7 to a maximum of 12 bikes between the bike guide and the support vehicle. A very important decision criterion on the number of motorcycles is the number of passengers (the more passengers involved, the smaller is the maximum number of motorcycles). Intense experience and riding pleasure is guaranteed in the small group. In the event that the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to, if it is possible, carry it out with a only guide in the support vehicle. Otherwise, we may cancel the trip up to four weeks before departure.

Do I have to go where everyone goes every evening (multiple days tours)?
Answer: Of course there is no peer pressure. In most places, there are a variety of options for one to cater to ones needs or amuse oneself. Your tour guides will be happy to help with advice and assistance.

How does the whole matter of gratuities work in the US and Canada?

Answer: No sooner after arriving in the country, the question of tip arises. Who gets what, how much, and when? On most occasions you will be fine with a dollar.

Gratuity is called "tip" in the US.

It is not always included in the price.
Service workers mainly "live" on tips.
That's why one should not forgive to leave a tip in accordance with the level of satisfaction.
When satisfied about 15% -20% of the invoice price is common.
This can of course be a few dollars, but just think about in Germany, for example, one already pays a service charge, included in the cost of the meal, regardless of whether you are satisfied or not. If you then leave a tip there, then you have given twice!

Here is a list of common services:

at porters the rule of thumb: $ 1 per bag; at taxi drivers 10% -15%, if he/she 'only' drives, but about 20%, if he/she is helpful and also loads and unloads the suitcases.
maid $ 1- $ 2 per night. Please keep in mind: leave the tip for the maid in clearly visible place on the pillow. Just so it is clear that this is a tip and the service does not come under suspicion of theft.

Shuttle bus driver: Tip, only if he/she helps with bags. 1-2 dollars per bag.

​Restaurants/Fast FoodOnly in tourist centers due to dull experiences are gratuities part of the bill. Everywhere else neither tax nor tip are included in the prices.

It is customary to give the waiter a tip of ten to 20 percent. If you would like to reward a particularly good service, pay 25 percent (but this is not common).
In fast-food chains, a tip is only given when the server brings drinks and "plates". You just leave one or two dollars lying on the table. The same applies to buffet restaurants. Here one leaves 1 USD per person on the table for the service, or cleanup personnel.

CasinoThe dealer at the tables get $ 5 per session in cash or chips. The waiters get one dollar tip per drink, when playing guests get the drinks for free. The great luck has its price. From the prize money, the staff gets five to ten percent. This is not true for slots. If you leave one to two percent of the money to the attending staff, you stand out as a really nice person.

City tours/excursions/week tours/guide
Tour Guides/Charter Bus Drivers get two-three US dollars for day trips (half-day tours or excursions correspond one US dollar). Private organized tour guides are used to better tips. At your discretion you may also tip your guide, especially the assisting and hired attendants, or Indian guides.

When I go on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in a country or state without helmet law, do I, and any passenger, have to wear a helmet?
Answer: Our biggest concern is your safety. Measures to protect the motorcyclist on the road are as important as a responsible behavior on the road. You and your companions will be asked to sign a contract in which you agree to wear a helmet approved in the country concerned during the rental period, even if wearing a helmet is not required by law. If you yourself do not have an approved helmet, you may rent helmets for the duration of the rental period. Please note that beanie and other special design helmet shells are not approved and are not considered suitable head protection. (Source:

May I bring my own helmet?
Answer: Yes, but only if it is allowed in the country where you are traveling. If you do not have an approved helmet, you can borrow a helmet from us for the rental period.

The following applies in principle to helmets/rental helmets:

The ECE verification number valid in Europe is not actuarially accepted in the USA.

DOT approval, which is valid in the USA and Canada, is not actuarially accepted by us.

Included in the rent are the American (DOT approved) half-shell helmets (without visor, without ear protection) for driver and and passenger.

These helmets are rental helmets and have already been worn. That is, that signs of wear , e.g. sweat rims, despite cleaning and disinfection after each return are possible.

If we want to follow the rules in force in the United States, we should wear these rental helmets. Possibly with a cloth between the head and helmet. That way you ride 100% safe on the insurance side of things in the US.

It is important to know that for us a helmet is absolutely required.

If you do not trust these "windy" American helmet creations (which are nevertheless 100% properly insured), then you should bring your own helmet with you, but be aware that you are not properly insured and that in the worst case (eg accident) problems with the insurance can arise. The insurance coverage is forfeited completely when a helmet is not worn. This also incurs very high penalties, even in states where there is no absolute helmet requirement.

We can not and will not encourage you to a "break the rules", but the most important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable when riding. You are spoilt for choice.

The rental helmets from Harley Davidson®, included in the motorcycle rental, cost about 95 USD new. The favorable Harley Davidson®3/4 (jet) helmet with visor, costs about 200 USD new.

Las Vegas Harley Davidson® offers a rental of a half shell helmet with small visor for 10.00 USD/day or a full-face helmet for 20.00 USD/day.

We are offering a cheaper solution, without Harley Davidson® branding. The roads in Las Vegas are quite long and the product is rarely in stock. That's why we stock several sizes of ¾ (Jet) Helmets with adjustable visor and DOT approval. The price for this: 75 USD

If you are interested in buying DOT approved 3/4- (Jet) helmet with a visor, please contact us.

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