Here you will find our information related to Covid-19.
We are currently working on all urgent matters.
As soon as we discover a need for action for your trip, we will contact you both automatically and in good time.
Please stay at home, stay healthy and stay calm :-)

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation, there are currently no day or multi-day tours.

Dear customers,

Our main activity in the last few weeks has served almost exclusively to rebook all appointments with departures by May 1st to September and October or to 2021.

Thanks to our long-standing business relationships with the service providers, we have so far been able to rebook each and every one of our customers. Negotiations with the airlines that are absolutely incomprehensible and extremely difficult to reach take the longest.

We all have to stay at home so that this plague finally stops spreading. We all have to be patient.

Please be assured that we keep an eye on the overall situation.
We have already worked out various options and are able to use them quickly and adapt them accordingly.

Please understand for delayed responses when it comes to later appointments, but we are currently working almost 24/7 as we also need to communicate with our partners all over the world.

If anything should affect your tour / group in the future, you will all experience it both in good time and at the same time.

With this in mind, stay at home and above all healthy. The next few weeks are crucial for the future course of the disease.

All the bests,

George Kefalas & the US BIKE TRAVEL Team

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