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Route 66 - The Mother Road from Chicago to Los Angeles

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Duration: 17 days Distance to drive: approx 2794 miles (4495 km) Level of difficulty:

If you always wanted to ride the breathtaking Route 66 on the saddle of a Harley Davidson, then you are just right here at the "Route 66 - The Mother Road" tour.

Route 66, known worldwide as the "Mother Road" or the "Mainstreet of America," is approximately 2340 miles (3988 km) long and runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. It crosses three time zones in eight states of the USA. Route 66 is not just a road - it's a way of life and a cult. The old road builders of the West planned and built "US Highway 66" as early as 1926, and finally it was completely paved in 1938. In the meantime, the mass exodus to the west had started when thousands of cars, including their families, had all their belongings, Bumper to bumper looking for their luck there. 
Some of them have returned in frustration. A sad-romantic history, endless landscapes through the most diverse areas of the USA, historic hotels, motels, gas stations, classic diners, restaurants and car wrecks are everywhere whaiting for you.
Some of the classic routes and historic sites have been lovingly restored and left in their original condition of the 1950s. Sections are now interstates to bridge large distances faster.

It does not matter whether you want to participate as a single or as a couple to this dream. This tour will be an unforgettable experience for you! Guaranteed!

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